Saturday, May 7, 2011

Honor Thy Mother and Those Trying To Become Mothers

I’m a grateful Mother, with that fact make no mistake.
Not a single breathe from my child’s lungs for granted I do take.
I’m a grateful Mother. My child is a gift.
Her presence here in my life is a everlasting lift.
I prayed to be a Mom each and every day.
I prayed a special soul would be on its’ way.
As months and years passed by without a child for me to love,
Sadness and Anger bruised my heart and I cursed the heavens above.
Holidays and celebrations were colored a dark and gloomy shade.
Even when the sun did shine--there was rain on my parade.
Then a guiding light led my child’s soul to me.
Words cannot express my joyfulness and glee.
I couldn’t believe I was a mom after wanting it for so long.
The Sadness and Anger in my heart finally moved along.
When there was no hope to be found in the darkest storms,
I had my own ray of sunshine wrapped safe within my arms.
My heart did heal instantly. I knew she was mine to keep.
Never had I felt a love so powerful and deep.
I honor and cherish my child with a love so grand.
I am so overwhelmed with gratitude each time I hold my child’s hand.
It’s a gift and privilege to be Mother, a child’s earthly light.
Never take for granted this gift, to honor those trying to be with all their might.