Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Shaped Dairy Free Chocolate Flourless Cake

Here it is! The first official endometriosis friendly gluten free and dairy free recipe. After my surgery in 2011, my doctor told me that a gluten and dairy free diet would help keep my endometriosis at bay. Being an Italian New Yorker, the idea of cutting off both dairy and wheat made me so sad. But I have found recipes along the journey that have made my heart happy. Speaking of hearts, Valentine's Day is here! Being dairy free, it is really hard to participate in the candy festivities that come with this day. But have no fear, this recipe will quench your chocolate craving, while not antagonizing your endometriosis!  

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  1. Awesome to hear you're eating dairy and gluten free! I've heard/read it is supposed to relieve endo. I've been eating a whole foods, plant-based diet since October 2012 and love it! My hormones have improved a lot (no more cramps!!) but we're still hoping to conceive. Only time will tell. If you are interested in more resources about a plant-based diet, check out Thanks for sharing your story!