Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Loved One with Endometriosis

Is the one you love struggling with endometriosis? Would you like to give her a gift this year that says, “I love you and I am thinking about you”? Here is a list of thoughtful gifts for the woman in your life that suffers from endometriosis.

Gifts that are under $10

You don’t have a lot of money to spend? Have no fear, you can still provide a thoughtful, loving gift for your friend.

1.       A pair of fun socks: Comfy, cute or cozy, a nice, warm pair of socks can put a smile on anyone’s face.

2.       Homemade baked goods: Baked goods are comforting, especially if they follow the endodiet and are gluten and dairy free.  Gluten and dairy free recipes can be found online and are easy to make. My favorite sweet recipe is this brownie recipe.

3.       The gift of music: Look through your music collection and make a CD for your friend. Having endometriosis means often spending time alone while feeling sick.  Having a thoughtful playlist can make a person feel less isolated.

Gifts in the $25-$50 range

1.       Treat your friend to a manicure and pedicure by buying a gift certificate to a local salon.

2.       Don’t like baking? Find a gluten free dairy free bakery on line and ship your friend some Christmas cookies.

3.       Buy your friend something cozy to wear, like a nice scarf, or an extra comfy pair of pajamas.  Get her a new pair of slippers or a soft pair of yoga pants.

4.       Endometriosis patients are often going back and forth to doctor’s appointments. If you know she has an ipad or a kindle, get her a gift card to purchase games, apps, movies or books to keep her busy in the waiting room.

5.       Write your friend a certificate for a “girl’s night in.” Bring in take out and a movie on a night of her choice when may not be feeling well.

Gifts in the $75 range and above

1.       A heating pad is an endometriosis patient’s best friend and an excellent one is the gift that keeps on giving. You can find heating pads for less money, but there are some top of the line heating pads that can get pricey.
2.       A gift certificate for acupuncture or massage therapy.  Endometriosis is an expensive disease and often treatments that can help with the symptoms of endometriosis are too expensive for patients to afford. Giving the gift of acupuncture or massage therapy would mean a lot to patients.

3.       A donation to your friend’s “egg freezing,” “infertility treatment” or “surgery” fund would be an everlasting gift. Has your friend told you she is struggling to pay for needed treatments? Any donation would be a thoughtful gesture that shows you are aware of her struggles and care.

You can find many products on line made by women with endometriosis for endometriosis. Some products even benefit charities worked to improve the lives of women with endometriosis, like the Endometriosis Foundation of America. Honestly, even the smallest gesture, like a simple card saying that you care, would mean the world to someone who is in pain and suffering during the holiday season.

Casey Berna is a patient of Dr. Seckin’s and an endometriosis and infertility counselor and advocate. To learn more about her story and her practice go to 



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