Friday, January 10, 2014

Become an Endomarch Blogger and Spread Awareness

10 weeks of Blogging until the EndoMarch

Thank you for your interest in being an EndoMarch Blogger! You don't have to be going to the Endomarch to participate, you just have to be passionate about helping others and spreading awareness. To participate start completing the following blog tasks starting the week of January 12th.  Make sure to always add a link to the Endomarch website after every blog. If you are active on twitter and facebook, please share your blogs on social media. We hope to have an official “endomarch button” in the near future. Check back to grab it to add it to your blog. Thank you for participating and spreading awareness.

Week 1 January 12th-18th

Basic Info Post: The What When Why Who How of the Endomarch. Check the Endomarch website for details.

Week 2 January 19th-25th

What does the Endomarch mean to you personally?

Week 3 January 26th- February 1st

Write a Letter to Your Congressional Representative about Endometriosis, the Endomarch and why he/she should participate. For an example letter check back here to see my post. Click here to see who your representatives are.

Week 4 February 2nd-February 8th

Interview someone you know who is going to the march and post the interview. If you don’t know anyone else who going, have a friend interview you and post it. If you are not going and do not know someone who is, write about a celebrity that has endometriosis, or find a story online.

Week 5 February 9th- February 15th

Pick one of the goals of the march and write about how it would change the lives of endometriosis patients. Check out the goals here.

Week 6 February 16th- 22nd

Why is it important for the world to recognize endometriosis?

Week 7 February 23rd- March 1st

The Endomarch is three weeks away….How are you feeling about going? What are you most looking forward to/most nervous about! If you are not going to the Endomarch, write about ways you can spread endometriosis awareness in your immediate community.

Week 8 March 2nd- March 8th

Did you tell your friends, family, co-workers that you are going to the march? What were their reactions? If you are not going to the Endomarch you can answer, do your friends family and co-workers know about your struggle with endometriosis? Are they supportive?

Week 9 March 9th-13th

Last minute blog before the trip!  What are you packing? Do you have plans to meet up with any other women? Are you volunteering? What are your expectations of the day? What are you most looking forward to/nervous about?

Week 10 March 14th -22nd

Write about your experience at the Endomarch.  Post a picture and tell your story. What did the Endomarch mean to you?

Please remember to share your blog on social media sites. If you are participating in the Endomarch Blogger Initiative please email me your name, where you are from and a link to your website so I can post a master list of all of those participating. You can email me the information at or simple leave it in the comment section of the block.


  1. Missy, from Ballston Spa, NY

    1. Have you up on the site! Thank you so much for participating! Looking forward to reading future posts.

  2. Kelsey from Boston, MA

    1. Thank you so much for participating! Loved the pic you posted!

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    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

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    Sorry for the late arrival :-)