Monday, January 13, 2014

Bloggers Unite for Endomarch: Week 1- Basic Info: EndoMarch 2014

I advocated last year for RESOLVE. Cannot wait to go to Capitol Hill for Endometriosis Awareness.
What: Endomarch 2014 is an endometriosis awareness event that is happening in cities worldwide.

When: March 13th

Who: Dr. Cameran Nezhat and his team have worked hard to organize this movement. They have recruited volunteers from all over the world to help make this happen. On March 13th, professionals, patients and their loved ones will come together to stand united with the desire to improve the quality of life for patients everywhere with endometriosis.

Where: The march will take place in cites all over the world.  You can see what is happening in your city on the Endomarch website. I will be attending the Endomarch in Washington D.C.  There is a full day of events taking place that goes into the evening. The staff has secured hotel discounts for participants traveling into D.C. and even some airlines have participated in giving participants discounts. All of that information can be found under “files” on their facebook page.

Why: Endometriosis is a disease that effects at least 1 in every ten 10 women, yet it takes on average ten years for women to get diagnosed due to the lack of education and awareness in the medical field and the general population. There is very little in the way of public awareness for the disease. Women with endometriosis often suffer in silence. Women often are left misunderstood and lose their jobs, friends and the support of their family while left in chronic, debilitating pain. Women lose their organs, their pregnancies, and their fertility as well. Endometriosis has a profound impact on the lives of its patients and those near to the patient. The only way we will see improvement in awareness of the disease, money raised to find better diagnostic and treatment for endometriosis is to come together as a community and make some noise. We need to be heard.

How: Register to attend the march today. Contact a march precinct manager to see what is happening near you. Come join me in Washington D.C.. I will be giving out hugs to all the ladies I connect with online. I can’t wait!


  1. It is so amazing, seeing so many women involved in this big event. I am a endo-warrior and working hard to get women together for Team Germany! We need to have our voice heard!!! Thank you for your great article! Sisterly hugs Katja

  2. This is amazing; can't wait to March for the cause. "I am a endometriosis survivor"
    Can't wait to meet all my endosisters.
    Sending you all Love and Healing Light ♥♥♥